While Cleanliness is on All of Our Minds...
MetalPrints Stand The Test Of Time... And Safety
We're happy to report that Metal Prints are germ resistant! MetalPrint surfaces are cross linked in nature, meaning there are no open or closed pores, so you can easily and thoroughly clean them with a variety of cleaners and disinfecting chemicals. As if we needed another reason to love MetalPrints!

 Because MetalPrint surfaces are crosslinked, they provide protection equivalent to a closed cell surface, offering unmatched chemical and stain resistance. They are the ideal choice for spaces that demand the utmost hygienic cleanability and safety requirements possible, to ensure a safe environment for all who occupy the vicinity or make contact with the prints.


Our MetalPrints are the perfect choice when image quality, durability, and safety matter most - at home, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, schools, retail, corporate spaces, and more.  

What Does "Crosslinked" Really Mean? 
The Chemical Process of Linking Polymer Chains
The chemical process that links polymer chains together is known as crosslinking. Thanks to our partners at Chromaluxe, the coated aluminum material arrives to us crosslinked. What is the magic that happens at Chromaluxe then? 


As the aluminum panels travel down their coating line, they reach a point in the proprietary process where a chemical reaction causes the polymers of the coating to join together (crosslinking!). As all the polymer strings are joined together end-to-end, they form one long and stable polymer string. The 100% crosslinked polymers in the final product are what allow us to produce MetalPrints with amazing durability, scratch resistance, chemical and stain resistance, and color retention, fade resistance, and more.  

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