Cecile & The Kingdom of Belamor - PDF Digital eBook Download - 275 pages - 75 Illustrations

Cecile and The Kingdom of Belamor (ages 8 & up) This new Edition of the MHA Trilogy includes "The Spider Queen," "The Treasures of Belamor," and "The Future of Dragons" and has won 6 Book Award altogether.

From our Readers

"I noticed right away that this book was going to be excellent! Within the first few pages I was impressed with, not just the story, but how it was written... The illustrations are beautifully done as well.... My children's love of the book speaks volumes! - Casssandra

"I stumbled on this book by chance and it rapidly took a hold on me... it truly resembles a Disney animated movies or series like Tangled and Elena of Avatar. The illustrations alone make the book worth it!" - B.C.

"Girls will identify with the spunky heroine and be inspired to meet their own challenges with the problem-solving tools offered. I enjoyed the whole cast of whimsical, endearing, audacious, and intriguing character, who move the story line along briskly for an exciting read." - H. Petach

"It plays out like a well-paced animated TV movie and I think it’s a must-read for girls 8-11. Cecile and the Kingdom of Belamor by Marilyn Churchill is a little gem and a worthy addition to any children’s library. The gorgeous pictures perfectly capture the story... This one is on my bookshelf to stay.” - S. Scheele

From the Author

My books are easy reading, non-violent, and fast-paced, with surprising twists at every turn. Although it's a harrowing journey to a happy ending, my heroines are strong women who overcome formidable obstacles and never resort to violence to resolve conflict. My goal is to leave readers with a deeper understanding of what it means to be a strong women, and to be inspired to believe that they too have the inner resources and guidance to help solve their own life challenges. My books are for kids of all ages, (including adults who have secretly never grown up.)

From the back cover:

In this three-part epic adventure, fourteen-year-old Cecile wakes up in a dream, and finds herself in the Kingdom of Belamor, unaware that she is, in fact, the Princess of this realm. She soon discovers that a beautiful enchantress has cast a spell over the kingdom and usurped her throne. And when she confronts this compelling, and powerful opponent, she learns what it really takes to be the Princess of Belamor.

Now fifteen, Cecile's dream of a peaceful reign is literally shaken when a dragon hidden under the castle awakens after five hundred years of slumber. She must decide whether it is better to put the dragon back to sleep, or lead him on a perilous journey to freedom.

News of the dragon rekindles an ancient rivalry between two wizards. The sixteen-year-old princess is taken hostage in a plot for revenge. Locked inside a magical castle, Cecile gathers clues, piecing together the lost history of Belamor. If she can understand how this war began, maybe she can find the answer to lasting peace for all.


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